Behind HEW: The story of the Creator

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Take a look inside the story behind HEW through the creator Ema Hewitt...

“I used to make clothes whilst at school and sell them to fellow class mates.

In 2006, I created a womenswear label named ‘Ema,’ and sold many of my designs to a boutique in South Yarra.

After travelling overseas and gaining experience in the fashion/costume design industry, my interest in menswear began to grow.

Returning to Australia in 2012, I once again found myself working in television as part of the costume department on shows such as House Husbands, Neighbours,

Dancing with the stars and many more.

During my time working in costume design, I found myself constantly struggling to find vibrant menswear pieces, that would pop on TV.

I saw a gap in the menswear market for bright, vibrant and contemporary prints, so I decided to start designing patterned shirts in collaboration with local graphic designers, which then became a collection.”

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