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Meet Assistant and Tech guru Mac!
Name: Macaulay Hewitt
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Astro sign: Scorpio   
Currently obsessed with: Learning
Last album I downloaded: Kishi Bashi, Light
When I was 13, I was wearing: Hoodies, probably Piping Hot
As a teenager, I worshiped: The satanic God
What's on my nighstand right now: A lamp and some Japanese and chess books
Favorite book: The book of the five rings 
Favorite market: The Supermarket
Favorite place for coffee: 7/11 nothing beats it!
Favorite place for dumplings: Dumpling King Box Hill
Favorite place for people-watching: At the State Library because people never move so it's easy to draw them!
Favorite home-cooked meal: Do banana and coconut cookies count?
Items at HEW that you love: The yellow bubble print shirt, it's an awesome uni staple!

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