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Name: Krystal Deans
Hometown: Torquay
Astro sign: Cancer
Currently obsessed with: Every dog I lay my eyes on  
Last album I downloaded: ‘Hot Chocolate Greatest Hits’
When I was 13, I was wearing: I have made an effort to repress those memories but probably the latest Supre trends
As a teenager, I worshiped: If were talking early teens I’d have to go with a toss up between Beyonce and Rihanna
What's on my nightstand right now: An assortment of girly things, hand cream, candles, nail polish and a sewing kit for late night repairs
Favorite book: The Beach by Alex Garland
Favorite market: Prahan Markets, that place makes healthy a ton of fun
Favorite place for coffee: Batch on Carslile St
Favorite place for dumplings: That’s a given, Shanghai Dumpling, so cheap, so yum
Favorite place for people-watching: My balcony
Favorite home-cooked meal: Sweet potato chips with Meredith’s goat cheese, compliments to my housemate for the recipe
Items at HEW that you love: Definitely the Polka Dot ‘Cali’ Short Sleeve Shirts

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