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Melbourne band Client Liaison, the masters of retro synth pop follow the release of their debut album Diplomatic Immunity with a new clothing range. We had the opportunity for a couple of Q&A with the duo who are fans of HEW. 
1.     How did CL come to have a strong 80’s look/style? Have you always had this retro aesthetic?
In many ways our style starts with the music. We've always liked the sophisticated layered sounds of the late 80's early 90's and our clothing feels like an extension of that sound. For us clothing provides an abundance of expression, old and new.
2.     Out of all your stage costumes – what was your favourite piece / outfit?
We definitely have a soft spot for the peach and blue outfits we wore at Splendour In The Grass last year.  We had the suits made while on tour in Vietnam at John Howard’s tailors, although we found out later it was actually John Howard’s bodyguard’s tailor… Regardless, they were super fresh. We got matching coloured Kangaroo leather shoes made by Melbourne cobblers Belmore Shoes and matching Columbian jewellery from Little Lucia; everything seemed to come together so nicely.  Sadly the whole ensemble was stolen with our 1990 pluorescent white Toyota Soarer. The car was later recovered in a drug bust in Moonee Ponds but with no outfits.  There is something liberating about immortalising outfits within our work but every now and then it’s nice to open the archive and look back which we sadly can’t do with these.
3.     Earlier this month you performed up at Thredbo mountain –how was that experience? do you prefer performing at smaller gigs or a larger crowd?
All shows have their perks, especially when the crowd’s pumping. Thredbo was pretty unique as it was snowing a blizzard and everyone was still out there giving their all to dance and not slip over on the ice. We were really struggling during soundcheck to tune our instruments and use our hands in the cold but when the lights hit the blizzard at night everything turned magical.

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