3 Easy Style Tips for Mens Printed Shirts

Just because the temperature is dropping, doesn't mean you have to put your printed shirts away. In fact, with a few easy tips, you can keep wearing them all winter long! Here are three style tips for men's printed shirts that will help you look sharp no matter what the occasion.

1. Pick a colour from the print

usually there will be some similar colours in the print , pick one of these and use it to build the rest of your outfit around. We have some great mustard pants that work will with the Fower Bomb print. If you're not sure which colour to choose, go for a neutral like black or white. You can't go wrong!

2 - Pair with denim

Lots of the blue tones will look good with denim. It's versatile, comfortable and goes with everything. For a more casual look roll up the sleeves. If you're going for a more formal look, leave the sleeves down.


3 - Pair with a blazer

This is a great way to make a printed shirt work for both day and night. For daytime, pair your shirt with a navy or grey blazer. Then switch to a black blazer for evening. Add a pocket square with a similar print.