5 Tips to Stay Warm This Winter Without the Bulk

It's that time of year again when the weather starts to get cooler and we start swapping out our light summer clothes for thicker, warmer layers. But just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you have to feel the chill. Here are five tips on how to stay warm this winter without looking like a marshmallow.

1. Pay attention to Fibre content

That large oversize 'woolen' jumper might just be cheap cotton knit in disguise. cotton doesn't have the insulating properties like natural fibres wool, cashmere, and angora are. So if you're stuck between two jumpers and one is made of cotton while the other is a blend of wool and cashmere, go with the latter; your body will thank you for it.

2. Invest in a high-quality turtle neck

We all know how terrible it is to say goodbye to the spaghetti-strap season, but what if we didn't have to? Layering a classic turtleneck beneath slip dresses (and, if you're bold, strapless tops) may help them transition into the colder months.

Pay a little extra and get a lightweight merino wool knit turtle neck. These can be layered under dresses. They come in a huge range of colours, perfect for brightening up your winter outfits.

3. The power of the scarf and beanie

Some people say their fav season to dress for is winter because of all the fun accessories and who would blame them. Accessories span past jewelry, it's time for hats, scarfs, and gloves! more opportunities to tie more colour and textures into an outfit.

4. Oversized everything

One of the best parts about winter is being able to wear oversized everything. Oversized jumpers, coats, scarfs. It's all fair game and it will keep you warm. Just make sure if you're going to go for an oversized coat that it's a good quality wool blend so you don't sacrifice warmth for style.

5. Add some colour

It's all too easy to cave into the seasonal colour scheme (or lack thereof) during the winter and fall victim to an overly muted wardrobe. Replace a black fleece hoodie with a slim-fitting yellow puffer and your favourite geometric lounge shirt to make things seem brighter. Accessories like our possum scarf and beanie


So those are our top tips! We hope you found this helpful and that you stay warm and stylish this winter. As always, tag us in your photos wearing our products so we can see how you style them! #possumscarf #beanie #geometricloungeshirt #oversizedeverything #winterfashion