Winter Sale Favourites

Last weekend of the winter sale! And at HEW Clothing, that means the chance to grab some of our luxurious knits and cozy basics at a special price! Our knit items are all made in Melbourne, using the highest quality natural fibres, including merino and possum wool, to keep you cozy. 

Hey! Did you know? Wool is naturally kinky in shape, which means air becomes trapped within the yarn fibres and is less likely to escape. This means you warm the knit, and then the knit warms you!

Designed with versatility and layering in mind, our pieces are transeasonal and can be mixed and matched with your other wardrobe staples effortlessly. Here, we give you some style inspiration as well as further insight into the fabrications we’ve chosen.

 The Merino Wool Skivvy:

This infinitely wearable, throw-on-under-anything skivvy is an absolute wardrobe essential. 

The 100% merino wool fabrication means its soft to the touch and all natural fibres. This fitted style comes in a range of flattering colours to complement different skin tones –our top picks are the delicate baby pink for those fair of face and hair, and Forest Green for brunette babes.

Explore the versatile nature of these anything-but-basic-basics by layering them underneath your summer dresses and oversize tees to make the most out of your wardrobe. To turn it up a notch, our HEW x SUZI Pearl Chandelier Earrings will make the ultimate statement when paired with the high-necked skivvy. Wear your hair up and away from your face for added drama.  Possum Knits

Our possum knitwear will be great for those spring evenings! Sustainably sourced from New Zealand, where it is considered a pest and culled to protect the native flora and fauna. The byproduct of this pest control is incredibly soft, warm fur that can be spun into a luxurious woolen yarn rivalling even the best quality sheep’s wool. We are so excited to bring to you our possum wool knits in women’s sizing for all to enjoy, while repurposing a material that would otherwise be considered waste. Using this material also means less need for synthetic fibres to be in production, which often require toxic processes to be made. To read more about our possum visit this previous post.

Pair our possum wool knits with our gorgeous Muzi Floral Pants for a chic alternative to the Melbourne uniform of all-black-everything. If you’d like to start off small, our possum wool beanie is a timeless winter accessory you’ll find yourself reaching for season after season. Embrace the possibilities of possum!


 We have a lot of wonderful items so don't miss out and check out the Winter Sale at our website. Have fun shopping!




Products featured in the video:

The Long Sleeve Jersey Dress with Flight Face Print is perfect for those days when you want an easy outfit. Wear it black leggings or pants for cooler days. It's full body jersey is so comforty - perfect transition from those lockdown tracksuit days...


The white Flora T-shirt inspired by nature, printed locally in Geelong on GOTS  certified fabric. This tshirt has rich colours making it pop out with a pant or skirt. Knot it in the front, tuck it in, or wear it with a jacket, the white Flora T-shirt is perfect with your fav jeans.

The woven tee in Drake print proudly made in Melbourne has a incredible drape style that flatters every body shape.