HEW Offisite Runway FIlm - Hew Clothing

April 02, 2020 3 Comments

You have been waiting for it and now it's finally here! Our film from fashion week!!

A film by Olivia Miletta shot in the heart of the Rag-trade district; Brunswick.

Oli and I brainstormed a new direction to allow more style and personality to come through. You will hear the phrase "I feel myself when..." to prompt a more intimate response to show their individuality.

The HEW customer extends far and cannot be categorised by gender or age. Our prints remain the point of difference and ultimately attracts anyone who wants to brighten up their wardrobe. 

The Brunswick backdrop paints an urban scene accompanied by the train line acoustics, giving a true underground vibe. Oli played with those street sounds by working them into the background. 

We were very lucky to have the opportunity to go forward with this event after the remaining Virgin Australia Fashion Week Runways were cancelled the following week. If you didn't get to make it to our Offsite Runway, hope this film can give you a glimpse of how it went down... 

Until next year... 




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