HEW x AMBER - Fitzroy designers collaborate on the couch

I first met Amber in my Fitzroy store when she introduced herself, expressing interest in a collaboration. I was taken back by her confidence and admired the way she put herself out there, a rare trait in creatives these days. 

Amber has beautiful illustrations that authentically captures the presence of all her subjects. She translates the identity of the person onto the page so elegantly, with a sharp eye for detail. The Femme print was a celebration of the female body. Amber chose a variety of different body shapes and poses to represent the female form, presented in her linear style. 

Collaborators on the couch is a series when I sit down with the artists we collaborated with to chat about their process. In this month's series I sat down with Amber to discuss her work and what she thought about the collaboration with HEW - check it out!