Mother's Day Feature Mum - Natalie Cheeseman

Today's feature Mum is Natalie, who I have known since high school. I wanted to feature Natalie because I admire her strength as a Mother and think she does an amazing job balanceing motherhood with life. 

Favourite moment with Billy?
I love it when he sleeps on my chest. It forces me to slow down and I know I won’t get these cuddles forever so I embrace them while I can. 
His first laugh was by far the best thing I’ve ever heard. Sitting on his bedroom floor crying about his laughter will be a memory I cherish forever.

Weekly rituals you do together?
We love our morning dance parties over breakfast. I’ve been taking him on a journey through early 2000s house music - important life lessons. I think he just likes watching my terrible dance moves. 

Challenges you face being a mother? 
Self doubt is by far the biggest challenged I’ve faced. When you’re a mum for the first time everything is new and there’s so much conflicting advice. But I think over time I’ve learnt I know my baby best and I‘ve tuned in to my gut.

How have you been coping with lockdown? 
Lockdown for me coincided with my return to work so it’s been a crazy and busy time. Bringing work into the mix at home has meant I’ve had to prioritise time where I just focus on Billy. And we’ve been getting out for walks wherever possible to break up the day and enjoy the sunshine before it disappears!

What is an important lession you will pass onto Billy? 
More than anything I want Billy to accept himself and believe in himself. I think when we instil self acceptance and self belief into children, they’re better able to accept others and embrace differences.