New GOTS Made in Melbourne Range

Our latest GOTS range was recently seen on the industry go – to for sustainable and ethical fashion, Claire Press. Claire is a sustainability editor and presenter of the Wardrobe Crisis podcast. 

We are very excited and proud to introduce our new GOTS linen range.


What is GOTS?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the global standard for the manufacture of organically produced natural fibres. It not only ascertains environmental requirements to a high level throughout the textile production chain, but it demands for a compliance with social criteria.

Here at HEW, we value sustainable clothing, which is ethically produced. From the manufacturers to the fabrics, we care about the details of our garments at every stage of the farm – to – factory process.



The aim of GOTS is to establish world – wide recognized requirements that ensure an organic grade of textiles throughout the entire production process, from the harvesting of raw materials, through to the socially responsible manufacturing.

What are the criteria bounded by the GOTS certificate? 

  • Fibre use:
    In order to be GOTS certified, products can only contain a minimum of 70% organic fibres.
  • Use of chemicals:
    Chemicals with the potential to be harmful to the environment or health of people, such as chlorinated benzenes and genetically modified organisms, are prohibited.
  • Social criteria:
    Important social criteria which must be adhered to include voluntary employment, no child labour, safe and hygienic working conditions, fair payment and socially responsible management.
  • Storage & packing:
    All organic textiles must be stored, packed and transported in such a way that contamination with forbidden substances is eluded. GOTS products must be produced from recycled post – consumer waste.  

 Ethically produced and made in Melbourne is at the core of our values at HEW as we strive to do our part in reducing our fashion footprint. HEW recognises the importance of maintaining a ‘slow – fashion’ ethos.

For your chance to pick up one of these locally made GOTS pieces, click here.