New Year, New Me

As the New Year arrived, so did my ambitions for various resolutions. I decided to take time away with Ed and Cindy, my pup, on a journey exploring the East Coast countryside. Taking this opportunity was not only an escape from our daily lives but also a means of disconnecting completely by leaving all technology behind; instead of using any form of screens, I opted to indulge in films such as The Queen's Gambit (which is truly remarkable).


Moments like these remind me of just how brilliant life can be, feeling liberated on the open road. As I traveled down the highway, I listened to an audiobook titled Atomic Habits; a chock full of research-backed strategies that instruct you on how making even slight changes in habits can bring about remarkable outcomes.



Some positive habits I am introducing are...

  1. Every time I am done using the car, I take out any trash that may have accumulated. It's kind of like taking 3 pieces of garbage for the sea or ocean - except it's within my car! Whenever I arrive at home, I always look down to make sure there are no coffee cups or drink bottles left in my vehicle. All other disposable items such as serviettes and waste should also be taken inside.
  2. Meal Prep on Sunday. Saving time and money are all possible when you take the opportunity to meal prep for the week. On Sundays we head over to Eltham Farmers Markets where our weekly shop is completed - stock up on plenty of nutritious ingredients so your meals can be planned out in advance!
  3. Make exercise a priority and commit to working out three times per week. Schedule these days as "musts" in calendar - I know how well I'll sleep those nights. 
  4. Daily French 15mins of reading at lunch, 15mins reading in bed. a little bit of journaling in there.
  5. Put all washing on during the day - since we got solar my aim is to every electrical appiance running during the day with the sun is shinning
  6. Read, Read and more reading! As a young girl, I used to read all the time; that is until life became hectic with school and boys. Now days I am only able to read while on holiday by the poolside. It's my mission to get back into reading at least 30 minutes each day before bedtime - no matter how busy things may be!
  7. Be in bed before 9:30pm (I first put down 9pm but the balming summer nights draw dinner time out past 8:30pm.