Our Organic Tie-Dye Loungewear

You might be at home, but that's no excuse to wear a boring grey hoodie. Even when you are relaxing in a comfy tracksuit, it should be fun! 
This is why our repurposed tracksuits are the perfect outfit for lounging in iso. They're made with Gots's certified organic bamboo/ hemp/ cotton, making them super soft and warm. 
When you purchase one of our HEW tie-dye lounge pieces you can be confident you are supporting local business, for they are all sewn and dyed in Melbourne, Australia. 

Below is an article featuring our Tie-dye collection with some tips on how to style them back into your wardrobe.

Tie-dye is back and as popular as ever! Tie-dye is presented on runways at a global scale and is announced as the upcoming fashion trend. You can see celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Bella Hadid rocking a tie-dye piece in their outfits. Before tie-dye became the fashion statement we know today, countries such as Japan and Indonesia have been using it for centuries. However, it is more commonly known for the nostalgic style affiliated with American 60’s, Woodstock, and surf style. In the past few years, tie-dye has taken a fashion-forward turn. No longer is tie-dye limited to the tee that you tie-dyed on a Saturday morning with your BFF (It’s still a very fun activity to do though). From a comfy oversized hoodie, while you watch Netflix to a beautiful dress for a cocktail party, tie-dye has become more versatile than ever! Not sure how to rock these colours? Here are some ideas from our favourite tie-dye pieces!


Although known more for the casual look, hoodies can actually be dressed up as well! Our hoodies feature prints from Australian artists and are limited edition. These hoodies are made from GOTS organic certified hemp, bamboo, and cotton blend fabric - made here in Melbourne! Thus, it has a durable yet breathable element that is sure to keep you comfy for those windy days. Our hoodies come in two colourways: Tequila Sunrise and Santorini Skies. Since the Tequila Sunrise hoodies have a warm hue to them, I recommend pairing it with browns, taupes, and black! The Santorini Skies colourway goes perfectly with jeans and navy coloured pants. If you are super bold you can go dye on dye combo by pairing a hoodie back with pants for a really head-turning statement look. Keep in mind Tie Dye is already a statement signature style, granting you permission to break all the rules so don't be afraid to be daring with your outfit. 

tie dye hoodie


These repurposed tie-dye hoodies are limited edition in small runs so you can be sure to stand out from those mass-produced H&M / Zara prints. These pieces are all sewn and dyed in Melbourne! Making it easy to support local whilst looking styling!



Though tie-dye is often seen with tops and dresses, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rock a pair of tie-dyed pants! Our pants, like the hoodies, consist of GOTS organic certified fabric. The two colour styles offered are the same as the hoodies: Santorini Skies and Tequila Sunrise. For the Tequila Sunrise pants, I recommend a more neutral colour palette. Avoid loud colours and stick to the white, black, grey, and cream. Unlike the Tequila Sunrise, the Santorini Skies pants are more flexible in terms of colour choices. Light pink, purple, turquoise, and light orange are some great colours that pair well. Our lavender tee really suits the Tequila Sunrise colours for fun girl combo!




Shirts can be worn casual and formal with a nice tie-dye shirt doing wonders to your outfit! Our tie-dye shirts have a warm and cool colour tone. For a more casual look, you could pair our Yesshirts with jeans. Need something a bit more formal? Black jeans or trousers are a great choice!  

tie dye shirt

The women's tie-dye shirt is nicely worn oversizes and can even be tied in a knot at the front (see below)

Layering tie-dye by putting the shirt 



Due to the hand-dyed nature, each piece will vary in pattern.