ema hewitt vamff designer menswear label HEW

Being a small independent label in Melbourne, our existence relies heavily on the support of the local community who choose to shop local, giving back to small businesses like mine. Thank you to every HEW customer who purchased from us in 2018. Without your support we wouldn't survive to see 2019!  

As we say goodbye to 2018, and welcome the new year. It is important to pause and take the time to acknowledge the journey of what has been achieved. 

This Christmas I was overwhelmed by how much HEW was sort after from the family and friends of existing customers. To discover HEW being such a favourite shirt that it had been pushed to the top of the Christmas wish list was so rewarding. Nothing beats seeing others take pleasure in you creations.

I was overwhelmed going through the photos from the past year as there have been so many events/moments to choose from. I have loved every moment with HEW, and feel eternally grateful for the support from my friends and family.   

I have put together a small video of the highlights from 2018 for you to check out enjoy,

Looking forward to sharing another year of fun and laughter with you all, there are some exciting times ahead for 2019!