Top five reasons to switch to ZQ-certified wool

What makes ZQ Certified Merino Wool sustainable? The answer is quite simple: ZQ Certified Merino Wool is sustainably sourced from the finest merino sheep in the world. The wool comes from sheep that are treated humanely and ethically, and the ZQ certification ensures that this is maintained at all times. The fact that it's ZQ certified is also good news for the environment since it doesn't harm the planet like certain synthetic textiles can. When you buy ZQ Certified Merino Wool products, you know you are getting the highest quality, most sustainable product available. Let's dive in deeper to get to know their sheep to shop process.

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Here are our top five reasons to make the switch to ZQ-certified wool:

  1. No Mulesing. Mulesing is a surgical operation that involves removing part of the sheep's skin. It is performed to decrease the chance of flystrike (occasionally known as flystrike).ZQ Natural Fibre does not allow mulesing on their farms. ZQ farmers have utilised integrated strategies to prevent flystrike, despite the fact that mulesing is not allowed. ZQ Natural Fibre was the first certified Merino fiber that guaranteed mulesing cannot happen, and it is still the world's major supplier of non-mulesed wool.Mustard skivvy HEW
  2. ZQ sheep are farmed in a way that allows them to forage freely. Well-fed sheep with adequate nutrition have an easier time dealing with natural stress, such as harsh weather. ZQ farmers maintain their farms in such a manner that their sheep may always access clean water and high-quality food.
  3. No live international transport. The ZQ program also covers livestock transportation needs. The worldwide ZQ industry has set the bar by prohibiting live bulk international export of livestock for slaughter or breeding.
  4. ZQ certification protects the health and safety of residents, workers, and visitors to ZQ farms. Through our forward contract design, ZQ encourages safe and healthy workplaces, fair compensation, and access to financial stability for our farmers.
  5. ZQ Merino continues to finance initiatives that concentrate on nutrition and feed management, animal health, disease prevention, parasite control, sustainability, and biodiversity. This research and development aid ZQ farmers in obtaining the resources they need to care for their ZQ sheep and preserve a healthy environment.


ZQ Merino is an organically biodegradable fibre that meets the demand for quality and positive environmental impact. When buried in soil, the Merino Wool fabric has a better biodegradation capability than polyester knit cloth.Lilac Skivvy HEW Made in Melbourne

If you're looking for sustainable, ZQ Certified Merino Wool is the way to go. You'll be getting a product that is environmentally friendly and comes from sheep that are treated humanely. What's not to love? Make the switch to ZQ certified wool today and check out our new ZQ Certified Merino Wool skivvies drop here.

To find out more on the ZQ certification check out their website here.Skivvy Made in Melbourne HEW