What is GOTS certification?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, which is a standard that not only verifies the presence and amount of organic material in fabrics but also audits companies to make sure these materials are processed according to strict GOTS standards. All our GOTS certified Loungewear is made with high quality GOTS organic certified Hemp/bamboo cotton blend. Certified GOTS Organic 50% Hemp, 30% Organic Cotton, and 20% Bamboo and made locally in Melbourne.

Why is GOTS important?

Textiles are notorious for releasing chemicals into the air and water as well as hazardous working conditions. GOTS forbids the use of pesticides that have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, or other life-threatening illnesses in textiles. Chemicals like persistent hormone-disrupting substances endanger ecosystems and biodiversity on a global scale by destroying them. All GOTS certified textiles must also prove that they have adhered to working condition standards for all their employees.

Are organic materials the same as GOTS?

Organic is a method of production that adheres to national standards for environmental protection and animal welfare. Organic cotton, silk, flax (linen) and wool are examples of organic raw materials. GOTS does not have its own criteria for organic farming because as a textile processing standard, it simply requires that the materials used be of certified organic origin according to a recognized farming standard. Only textiles produced from at least 70% (label grade "made with organic") or 95 percent (label grade "organic") certified organic raw materials can be labeled as GOTS certified. The use of organic components is essential, but it is not sufficient. Using organically produced materials protects farmworkers and the environment. Factory employees and the environment are safe when chemicals aren't used in the manufacturing process. Consumers are protected when no hazardous residues remain in the final product.


How do companies become certified?

GOTS is an accreditation program for products that claim to be GOTS certified. Furthermore, all manufacturing operations involved in the production of such items must be GOTS certified. GOTS is a globally recognized standard that requires manufacturers to follow rigorous environmental, health, and safety standards. The certification is conducted by an independent GOTS-approved accreditation body, and the facilities are checked on a regular basis. When working with GOTS-certified inputs and procedures, workers are not exposed to hazardous chemicals. The GOTS social criteria are based on the International Labor Organization (ILO) core conventions, which include a prohibition on child and forced labor as well as provisions such as those for ensuring that they are addressing social issues, such as grievances. Furthermore, fire prevention training and evacuation exercises are required by GOTS.


Reading the GOTS Logo

To be sure a product is GOTS-certified, you should be able to identify the GOTS label grade (organic or made with organic), a reference to the independent certification body, and the certified entity's license number. Consumers can look up the licensed company by entering the license number (or business name) provided on the GOTS labelling to their public database that you can find here.

A GOTS certification is a voluntary standard, therefore it is not governed by a governmental body. However, the US government endorses it because textile items that claim to be organic in the United States must be certified to the organic food standard or GOTS. It is recognised in every market across the world, and the number of GOTS-certified facilities is increasing; more than 3080 establishments were certified to GOTS in 2013. The Global Organic Textile Standard has now established the bar for an international common understanding of environmentally responsible production processes and social responsibility in the organic textile sector. Our GOTS certified garments offer peace-of-mind knowing you can be confident about what's inside your clothes and that they're made with sustainable practices. To find out more about the GOTS certification, please click here. Furthermore, our GOTS-certified loungewear collection features an exclusive print by Laura Mestre! Buy here.